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If it seems to you that working as a programmer is easy, it means that you are not challenging yourself, On the one hand, everything in its beginning is difficult, even walking when you were a child was difficult, but with repetition, trying and will, it became a very natural thing.

The fact that no one tells you is that programming is really difficult. It is not about codes that you memorize or code that you copy and paste into your code editor. Computers are stupid and only understand 0 and 1 or True and False.

The difficulty of climbing the highest peak of a mountain is a difficult and dangerous thing, but professionals see it as fun and not “easy.” What you have achieved for others may be difficult, and what developers, programmers, and programming scientists have reached for you may be impossible, For example, you may not notice that difficulty in applying to small things such as a simple web page or a simple arithmetic program, but you will feel it in large applications. Programming is moving to a new stage that you initially thought was difficult. But this requires some patience and determination.

There are various factors that control the degree of programming difficulty, as follows:

1- Determine how much you need to learn it first?

2- Explain why you want to learn it so that the type of programming you want is determined because it is many and different?

3- Any programming language that goes through many levels and its learning is supposed to be gradual as follows:

The preparatory level to understand what programming is basically.

Then the first level, which is called the simple or easy level.

Then the intermediate level, which is the heart of the programming language.

Then the last level, which is the advanced level, and there are no limits, especially when the language is still developing until now.

4- The most important factor in all of this is that your volition will determine whether learning programming is easy or difficult.

Let us first agree that how difficult or easy something is not the main criterion for learning anything, what really motivates you to learn that skill is your passion and love for that field and the extent of your attachment to it, that love and passion will motivate you to do the best and will make you continue to learn, and destroying all problems and overcoming all difficulties.

We find many people who have the ability to start learning programming go to the search engine Google or Bing and start searching for “what is the best programming language” to start learning it. Programming language and you want to start in the field of the web. Do you really think you will use C in the web domain, no. You need HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP if you’re going down the back-end path, so there’s no such thing as the best programming language, so let the silly arguments spread…

Everyone thinks that the more complex a programming language is, the more proficient in it is a real programmer, or that the language he works on is the best language, so let go of these myths and enjoy the programming language that you will learn.

How much do I need to learn programming?

You need patience and persistence. And time shortens according to your patience. The more you continue to learn, the shorter the time you will see the result of your creativity. The more distracted and bored from one side and turned to the other, the longer it will take. Even if I learned programming, I do not regret to tell you that a software engineer (the period of his education does not stop).

In summary, software engineering is not difficult, or impossible, and on the other hand, it is not easy, an intellectual effort must be made to learn and master. I wish you good luck.

On this topic, I express my point of view by answering the questions that I see most commonly asked by people who are interested in learning programming. I may be wrong.



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