from law student to Fullstack Developer!

Yeah! Do not be surprised! I left a law career behind to become a programmer I do not agree with people who say that the law field is not for anyone or that programming is not for everyone, meaning that there are certain specifications that you must meet in order to become a programmer or a Law student!

A person naturally studies the field he loves, but if you ask yourself why do you like this field? You will find that during your career you may have touched this field a lot and found it easy, or maybe you have a specific idea and preceded it!

First of all, learning does not mean going to university, as many universities may harm you more than benefit you! There are many experts among them who studied at the hands of one professor and gained knowledge from him, then he continued his way by reading many books and doing many experiments!

There are a few lessons I took from my transition that I would like to share, which would have smoothed my transition had I known them at the beginning of this process. I hope these lessons can help your transition go as efficiently as possible as you begin your process of leaving the law as well.

Be strategic and set your goal

Programming is one of the required skills at the present time to learn it is the best investment in the self, and because time is money, I could not focus on studying law alone, but also I used to see that my passion for programming was buried in me since I was young and creating websites and applications was always something I love to do, So I started to learn programming for two years by watching local and foreign courses, as well as reading books, and this also contributed to improving my academic level and I got better points.

Don’t do it for money

Programming is very routine and it may occur in periods that you feel that you do it for free, but always remember that there is a community of programmers who are passionate about what you do. These are the ones who will give you confidence in what you do and there are some who inspire you with his story and leave an impact on you in your entire career. there are always going to be reasons not to make a transition, but the drive to change your life for the better can and should surpass all of those reasons if it is what you want to do,

Invest in yourself

You should build a portfolio or at least have one project that you created on your own, not as a service for a company. Having it listed on your resume, open-source, and all. Software companies want to hire people that know what they’re doing, and not just have a degree in software development, and if you have a portfolio, or a few decent unique projects on GitHub you’ll stand out and they’ll be more demand for you to work.

Studying, then, is an important deal and investment in this case and beneficial to the future of the individual, especially if it is in a field such as programming. Where my job opportunities will be great.


Programming languages are all the same and once you learn one programming language, learning another language will be very easy. You will not find a problem in learning, but in how to transfer your knowledge to reality through its application and your ability to solve programming problems.

After I finished my university studies in the major of law, I am now able to convert any idea into reality and I have become more experienced in two different disciplines and this made me more fortunate and distinguished from the rest of my colleagues



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